About your Z drive

About your Z drive

All Engineering students, faculty and staff are provided a Z: drive for storing their academic files. The Z: Drive is automatically mapped if you login to the Engineering Cloud. However, If you need to access your Z: Drive directly from your personal laptop or desktop. You can map it using the following path:

\\engvault01.eng.fau.edu\<FAU Net ID>$

Please note the following requirements for mapping from personal laptops or desktops:

  • Wifi: use the FAUWPA2 network using these instructions
  • Wired: any oncampus wired network should work

Your <FAU Net ID> is your user name. This is the same one you use to sign into MyFAU, Blackboard and computers on campus. Don’t forgot the $ at the end of the path.

Mapping the Drive in Windows 7

  •  Click on Start >> Computer 

  • This should bring up File Explorer and should show you all the drives connected to your computer.
  • Next click on Map network drive

  • In the Map Network Drive wizard that pops up select Z: as your Drive using the drop down box.
  • Type in your location (see above) of your Z: Drive where it says Folder
  • Check Reconnect at logon
  • Check Connect using different credentials
  • Then click Finish.

  • In the Windows Security prompt type in the following
    • User Name: FAU\<FAU Net ID> (don’t forget the “FAU\”. The backslash, “\” is found on your keyboard just above the enter key)
    • Password: type the same password used to sign into MyFAU, Blackboard and computers on campus.

  •  Last click OK and you’ll be connected to your Z:\ Drive

Backups of the Z: drive

There are two types of  backups performed on the Z: Drive:

  1. Shadow Copy: The server does a snapshot (shadow copy) of your changed files at  Noon and 7 PM which you can recover yourself (see below)
  2. Mirror to another server: The data is mirrored nightly to another server in case of a catastrophic failure of our file server   This is a write for write mirror (so if it’s deleted in one place it’s deleted here as well). Only TSG can restore data from this copy.

Recovering a file from your Z: drive (shadow copy)

  • Right click  the folder where the file was saved (if it was in the Parent folder just right click any white area of the explorer window)
  • Select Properties
  • Select Previous Versions
  • Double click the the date you are looking for  (or select the date and click open)
  • Locate the folder or file you want
  • Right click on the file and select Copy (or type Control-C)
  • Open a new file browser and navigate to a location where you want the file/folder to be put back into
  • Right click in that location and select Paste (or type Control-V)
  • Alternatively, you can just click and drag the file or folder from the snapshot file browser to the new location.

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