Ticket Submission Guidelines

For all technical issues, problems and requests please send an email to help@eng.fau.edu from your FAU Email Account which will automatically open a ticket in our Engineering Helpdesk. If your problem is related to email, feel free to call or have someone else submit the email on your behalf. Please avoid using external email accounts as we cannot guarantee replies will get to you due to SPAM filters.

  • Subject Should Clearly Describe the Problem or Request. We sometimes see tickets with a subject of “help”, “problem”, “urgent” or the email is just forwarded to the help system with an unrelated subject. This adds another step in us having to read through the message, change the subject, and assign it to the appropriate queue. A small effort on your part will save us a bit of time and allow us to respond quicker.
  • Always Reply to the Ticket. When following up on an issue with us, please reply to the ticket in your email inbox (rather than sending a new email). This will guarantee that the reply gets appended to the ticket on our end. This way, we have a trail/history of the problem and solution. Also, replying to a “resolved” ticket will re-open the ticket and notify the owner that you still have questions on that issue.
  • Avoid Directed Emails. Please send the emails to help@eng.fau.edu rather than to any of us directly. Often, the person you direct it to is already working on some other issues (or perhaps out of the office) and this prevents the others (who are available) to be able to handle your issue right away. Also, unless specifically requested to do so, please do not direct the ticket to one of us by name. All of us here in TSG are equally capable of handling most requests.
  • Avoid Hallway Requests. Please try to avoid making a request “in the hallway” as we are passing by you (as 99% of the time we are working on another ticket). We tend to forget these requests as our thoughts are pre-occupied on the task-at-hand.
  • Student Issues. Be sure to mention to your students to also contact us via the help@eng.fau.edu when they face issues with our engineering computer labs, printing (in engineering labs), and engineering related software.
  • Thanks but “No Thanks” 🙂. Our last step in ticket resolution is to close the ticket. You will get the standard “Ticket Resolved” email. While we appreciate the “thank you” replies, please don’t feel obligated to do so. The main reason is that this will re-open the ticket and we have to “re-close/resolve” it.
  • IRM Help Desk for Banner, Blackboard and Account/Password Issues. Please note that the IRM helpdesk (561-297-3999) is available for questions related Banner, Blackboard and Account Password resets. However, for most of your IT requests, please submit a ticket with us if you are unsure, and we will tell you if you need to contact IRM.