Video Conference Requests

Please provide at least 1 day notice for inter-campus video conferences and 2-3 days notice for a video conference from FAU to an external entity. 

Video Conferencing Requests are handled by IRM’s Audio Visual Group. In the past, they have used a direct email for requests. However they have recently ( as of Feb 2012) implemented a new process listed below. Please do not contact TSG for VC requests.

The volume of videoconferencing and lecture/capture requests has outgrown our current process. In the near future we hope to move to a totally, or near-totally, automated system. Until that can be accomplished, we are changing from using e-mail or telephone for scheduling VCs to using the University’s ticket tracking system on the web: This system will make it very easy to track requests and their status, and also make communication with you smoother. You can also go into the system to see the status of your request and update it as needed.

To make a request, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into with your FAUNet ID and password (same as you use for e-mail and to log into your campus computer).
  2. Click the Request Support tab that is near the top.
  3. Click Submit a Ticket. You will then get a basic blank ticket.
  4. Select Faculty/Staff as the User Role, and then for Ticket Type select Video Conference Request (it will be near the bottom and you may need to scroll).
  5. From there just complete the form. If you need to schedule a recurring meeting, please enter that information in the Summary/Additional Details box. (We will refine this section in the very near future.)

Once you have submitted the ticket you will get an automated response that the ticket was received along with the ticket number so you can check the status as needed. You will also receive notices as the ticket is processed (such as “CM 128 is reserved but we are still waiting for confirmation on LA 105”).

This change will be the first step in streamlining the VC scheduling process which is currently an extremely manual process.

Video Conferences at Seatech

When scheduling video conferences at Seatech with FAU’s video bridge please be sure to use ST209  (and not ST259 or ST250).

ST209 has the newer equipment that is compatible with the rest of the university and OIT will send someone out for support.  We have run into numerous issues in the past when trying to use ST250 or ST259 for video conferences.