What We Do

The goal of our team is to provide IT solutions to allow our students, faculty and staff to accomplish their academic, research and administrative goals.

To that end:

  • The IT Support website (http://tsg.eng.fau.edu) is usually the first source of support for general questions.
  • We also have a dedicated Ticket system for Engineering students (via email at  help@eng.fau.edu) which is solely used for IT related help for engineering students, faculty and staff. This provides a more dedicated/custom support versus the general support for university students.
  •  Depending on the nature of the request, we also provide on-site support in both engineering buildings in Boca Raton as well as Seatech.
  •  By using the virtual desktop infrastructure (Private Cloud), we provide remote access to computing resources so students don’t need to come to a specific campus lab. Their work can be done on campus in a lab or from their dorm or from home.
  •  We provide croup training classes on IT resources twice a semester.
  •  We also provide One-on-One meetings with students and groups to guide them to resources for academic and research projects.
  •  Depending on the actual class and the software used, we also provide in class presentations at the start of the semester on using class-specific software and resources.