Engineering Graphics

Drives that you will see when logging in

  • M:  FAU home drive
  •  Z: Engineering and Computer Science home drive.
  1. If you are using a Engineering Resource (VMWare) or any computer within Engineering your Z: drive is mapped for you automatically.



For this class you will submit your homework electronically

The homework drive is known as the J: drive

  • If  you are using a engineering resource (VMWare) you will see this automatically
  • If you are on your own device and you are ON the FAU campus connected to FAUWPA2 (wireless) then you can do this
  1. Windows Key-E| tools | Map network drive
  2. For drive  select  j:
  3. For folder:
  4. Mr. Coulson – Section 1: \\\egfx1\username
  5. Mr. Lin          – Section 2: \\\egfx2 \username
  6. Click on finish

Once the J: drive is there then you will copy what you want the instructor to grade to your J: drive (via copy and paste)

Please note your professor may request specific homework folders created , please ensure you follow your instructors homework instructions.