Introduction to Unix – Syllabus

Introduction to Unix – Syllabus

Title: Introduction to Unix/Linux

Course Description: An interactive introduction course on Unix and Linux.

Goals: This course is designed to be an interactive tutorial into using the Unix/Linux environment

Instructor(s): Technical Services Group at Florida Atlantic University

Contact: or via email (see website)

Classroom: Spring 2015 – EE207 – Wed and Fri 2 to 3 PM (the same class is taught both days in the week to allow for schedule conflicts with regular classes. Just show up on Wednesday or Friday each week)

Office Hours: None (Last 10 minutes of class will be for Q & A)

Course Materials/URLs:

No books or materials need to be purchased. The following guide will be used as a rough guide throughout the course:

in addition the following materials and videos can also help you in your further advancements:

And some humor when you get frustrated with things:

Pre-requisites: A willingness to learn about Unix/Linux and how it can be applied to your academic and research goals and post-university career.


This course is being designed in real-time during the Spring 2015 semester so please visit this page for updated schedule.

Week 1

  • The Unix philosophy
  • Why learn and use Unix?
  • Unix and Linux variations
  • Lets get started!

Week 2

  • Introduction to the Bash shell
  • Basic Unix commands

Week 3

  • Unix/Linux filesystem
  • File Permissions

Week 4

  • The VI Editor

Week 5

  • Shell operations
  • Basic shell scripting in Bash

Week 6

  • FAU Specific Resources

Week 7

Week 8

  • Unix tools and techniques

Week 9

  • Advanced shell scripting in Bash

Week 10

  • Advanced Unix operations