Card Access

The College of Engineering continues to work with the University Police Department and Facilities to ensure your safety when you are working inside any of our three buildings. To ensure the accuracy and efficiency in permitting access to the college’s facilities every request must go through an approval process.

There are two ways of getting approval:

Automatic Approval

In most cases students will automatically be granted access via their Owl Card when they sign up for classes and/or labs. If you are an engineering or computer science student or a student from another college but taking an engineering or computer science course, you will have access to the exterior doors of building 96 (EE – Engineering East) and building 36 (EG – Engineering West) automatically. Building 4 (IS – Instructional Services) is specific to Civil Engineering students taking courses in that building. The access schedule for the three buildings is the same and is as follows:

  • 7AM – 6PM Monday – Friday: NO card access required to the exterior doors of the buildings (interior labs are separate)
  • 6PM – 7AM Monday – Friday: Card access is required during these times
  • Friday @ 6PM to Monday at 7AM: Card access is required during these times
  • Holidays: Card access will be required

Please speak with your advisor or professor for further details.

Submitting a Request

For all other cases where you need or want access to a room you must first get the permission from that room’s lab director. In this case you will need to submit your request via online form which will direct your request to the appropriate lab director. After filling out the online form you will immediately receive a confirmation email confirming your request has been received.
Another email is also sent to each room’s lab director for approval. The lab director can either approve or deny the request. If the request is approved the request is then forwarded to the Deans office and then sent to the police department. Once the police department has granted access to your card you will be able to swipe your card and access the lab.

If your request has been denied for any reason you will receive an email containing the reason(s) why your request has been denied.

Card Access Request Form:

Card Access Issues

If you are having problems accessing a room or the building with your owl card when you previously could please see