Printing and Pay-for-Print

The University has switched to a new print management system campus-wide as of Fall 2014. Funds will no longer be stored on your owl card but rather will be held in an online account, to which you add credit online.

To print to via the new system, select either of these new printers to submit your print job:

  • FAUPrintBW
  • FAUPrintColor

Once submitted, go to any release station on campus to release your job; by swiping your owl card in the new card reader or by entering your username and password.

For more information, and to load funds on to your owl card, please visit:

Should you have credit left on on your existing owl card, you can use them up by printing at the locations under Locations Supporting the former Printing Solution listed here:

Personal Laptop & Desktop Printing Issues and Non-Engineering Student Help

If your are not an Engineering student or have issues printing from your personal laptop or desktop, please visit this link:

Report Issues with Printing & FAU Print Services

to contact the central IT helpdesk.

Cloud Desktop Printing Issues

For issues printing from the engineering cloud (ex: from All-Engineering-Students), please contact the engineering IT support via email at