First Time Login

Access to this server is based on registering for certain classes. After registering for classes, accounts will be created after the drop add period. Accounts are created automatically and an email will be sent to your FAU email address. The email will include your user name and password.

Connecting to

Window’s Users

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  • Open putty and type in under Host Name
  • Leave the default port as 22
  • Choose connection type: SSH
  • Click Open

You should see the following security prompt:

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  • Click Yes on the security Prompt

Login using your username and password provided in your E-Mail

  • Fill in the following prompts:
    • login as: Type the user name as it appears in your email <Hit Enter>
    •’s password: Type in the password as it appears in your email <Hit Enter>

Please note: for security reasons, passwords will not be echo’d back to you when you type them into SSH. Just keep typing in your password as you normally do, then hit enter when finished.

4 thoughts on “First Time Login

  1. Leonardo Costa

    my lamp password is not working. it keeps saying access denied. what do i do now ?

    1. Jason Heithoff

      Make sure your keyboard’s Caps Lock is not on. Remember that your username and password is case sensitive. The username, in most cases, will be all lowercase. Double check your email.

      If you’re still getting access denied, you will have to get your password reset. Please contact TSG by emailing from your FAU email address. Please include in your email that you need your password reset on lamp. You need to also include the name of the class your in and who your Professor is.

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