Mass Email to Engineering and Computer Science Students

Mass Email to Engineering and Computer Science Students

emailTSG offers the ability to send mass emails to engineering and computer science students in order to reach them with information on university/college events, future course offerings (current class announcements can be done via blackboard), notifications, etc.

We can target specific engineering and computer science students from a roster of currently enrolled students in the College of Engineering and Computer Science (CoECS) for the current semester. For example:

  • OME Seniors
  • CEECS undergraduates
  • GEME Masters and PhD students
  • All engineering masters students
  • GEME graduate students
  • All engineering students
  • and similar groups

If you have a need to reach CoECS students beyond existing facilities (such as through Blackboard or majordomo), please feel free to take advantage of this service. Just email using the following guidelines:

  1. In the subject of the email, mention that this is a mass email. Ex: “Mass Email to All CEECS Students: Upcoming Lecture by Bill Gates on 4/1/2011”
  2. The students that you are trying to reach (such as from the list above)
  3. The “body” of the email you want to send along with a “subject” line which we will use in the email to the students.

Important: Please make sure to provide your own subject and email body for mass emails as the TSG staff cannot   guess what message you want to convey to the students.

Especially when you want to send a mass email to students advertising a future course; providing a good email subject and body will have better results when students read their emails and then see course advertisements that follow the same wording.

Please keep the emails short and with no attachments or extreme formatting (funky fonts, colors, etc). Students’ email boxes are often nearly full and large emails or stylings will bounce due to exceeded quotas.


Some recent examples of using this service include: faculty mailing students about a new course, departments mailing students about a lecture or a department event, and FAU student chapter clubs mailing  students about club events and activities.