Audio Conferencing

Should you need to setup a audio tele-conference in order to have a group of people call into a single shared number, you can select from a variety of options:

Free Conference Call Provides

There are a variety of free conference call providers on the internet. A few we recommend are.

The limitation of these providers include the total number of simultaneous callers, total number of hours assigned to a call, and non-toll-free call-in number. If these are not a problem, then you can visit the above sites directly and setup your own free account.

IRM / SunCom TeleConference System

If you plan on making weekly or monthly conference calls, it might be best to use a system provided for the State of Florida governmental and educational organizations by SunCom. It provides a call-in number and usage is billed per-user-per-minute and the charges can be billed to an FAU account. To set this up, please contact IRM Telcom services at 561-297-6235 (7-6235 on campus)


TSG has setup an account with which is another service provider for audio teleconferences. The difference between accuconference and the free providers include:

  • 800-number for toll-free call-in
  • Ability to record calls for future playback (.wav file)
  • Pre-schedule conferences with moderator capability

The cost of using the service is $0.05/user/minute.  For example, If you have 5 people using the service for a 10 minute conference the total cost will be 5 * 10 * $0.05 = $2.50.

Should you want to use this service, please send us a ticket to and include the following information:

  • Purpose of conference call
  • FAU Account to charge the bill
  • Approximate number of callers
  • Date and start and end times for the call