Network Drives

University and Engineering Drive Letters

Users logging into any of the desktops on campus or via our VMWare Cloud are presented with a variety of network attached drive letters.  Here are the most common ones and what they are used for:

  • M: University provided personal network drive (Quota: 50 MB)
  • Z: College of Engineering Student, Faculty and Staff provided personal network drive (Quota: 2-10 GB)
  • J: Student Homework Submission drive (Class Specific)
  • O: College shared drive (Faculty and Staff Only)
  • T: Student Assistant shared drive (Student Assistants Only)
  • S: Individual Scanner Drive. (Faculty and Staff Only)
  • Y: Departmental Shared Drive .(Faculty and Staff Only)

Further information on University wide Network Drives (Such as M:) is available at the OIT website

How To Map A Network Drive

If you log into any computer in the Engineering Cloud your network drives are already automatically mapped for you. However, if you login to a computer in the library or another non-engineering computer lab on campus you will have to map the network drive manually.

Note that M: Drives can be access using the web following the instructions here:

Z: Drives can only be access via the Engineering Cloud or  from your laptop while on campus. We don’t have a web based access as of yet. Instructions on accessing your Z: drive while on campus is provided here:

Laptop Users

Using the steps above you must also select “Connect using different credentials“. You will be prompted for a user name and password. The user name is your FAUNetID including the prefix “fau\” so if my FAUNetID was jsmith I would type into the user name field “fau\jsmith” (without the quotes).