Here in the Technical Services Group, we spent the 2009-2010 academic year evaluating different virtualization technologies that could be used for our Green Building. In doing our research, we kept the following goals in mind:

  • Publish applications – Provide engineering applications via remote access 24×7, reduce the auto carbon emissions
  • Centralize Maintenance – Server room contains all the key IT investment – Servers, Storage, Networking
  • Reduce Energy Consumption – Desktops vs Thin Clients
  • Reduce TCO – Hardware, Software, Personnel, Facilities
  • Speed Up and Syncronize Upgrades and Patches
  • Cloud Computing – Buzz word in real life by re-allocating unused resources for research
  • Reference Architecture – So other departments on campus can also replicate or use our design and infrastructure

While we realize that not everything above will be solved by deploying a virtualized infrastructure, we are confident from our tests that the design we have come up with will lay the foundation towards achieving those goals over the next few years as technology (software, hardware and network) improves.

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