Login Details

  • https://mail.eng.fau.edu
  • Login: Username@fau.edu
  • Password: Your FAU Password (MyFAU, Blackboard, Control-Alt-Del, etc)


The College uses Zimbra as our centralized Email, Contact and Calendaring system. Zimbra provides complete access to all your email, contacts and calendar as well as the ability to schedule meetings with each other and reserve resources (Rooms, Laptops, Projectors, etc). For remote access, Zimbra Webmail allows you to access your email from any web browser.  Finally, if you have a smartphone (iPhone, Windows Mobile, Google Android), you can syncronize your email, contacts and calendar over-the-air.

College Room Reservation Policies and Procedures

All the College’s conference rooms and other multi-purpose rooms are provided in Zimbra so that you can reserve them for your meetings, presentations, etc.  However, Please keep in mind that some high-profile rooms (such as SE309) may need to be used for a last-minute unscheduled meeting. As such, please first try and reserve one of the regular meeting rooms first.

Should you have any questions on using the calendar to reserve rooms, please contact TSG via help@eng.fau.edu.

Florida Public Records

Please note that all FAU Email is subject to Florida Public Records. As such, all incoming and outgoing email are archived.