How to use Mathematica

First Steps for New Users of Mathematica

If you are brand new to Mathematica, here are some suggested resources for getting started. Some of these may refer to older versions of the software, but should nonetheless still be relevant.

  1. Get a quick overview of Mathematica in a screencast called First Ten Minutes with Mathematica. This screencast has an overview of important features of the software that you should investigate first.
  2. Watch more tutorial screencasts, the Hands-on Start to Mathematica, where you can learn more of the basics of the usage of Mathematica in a multi-part tutorial. It shows you how to create a notebook, perform calculations, create visualizations, etc.
  3. Explore the Learning Center at the Wolfram Research web site, which has a collection of tutorials, examples, and other resources for usingMathematica.

Numerous other web sites can be found related to Mathematica. If you like watching demonstration videos, you can find them at the Wolfram Screencast and Video Gallery and on the YouTube web site (search for Mathematica).


Mathematica for Teaching and Research

Resources for educators and researchers


Mathematica Use by Students

Resources for Students