Video Tutorial : Faculty WordPress Accounts

Video Tutorial : Faculty WordPress Accounts


TSG now provides faculty with the option of maintaining their web site using WordPress. WordPress allows you to manage your website using just a web browser.  You do not need to learn HTML or the intricasies of web page design/development in order to manage the content on your site.

To request an account, please email requesting a WordPress Account. We will create an account on our centralized server and email you details on how to access the site.

Login Details

Login:  Your FAUNet ID (Do not add
Password: Your FAUNet Password (Same as MyFAU, BB, Computer Password)

Video Tutorial

The following is an introductory tutorial on using wordpress. You can view the video in full-screen by right clicking on the video below and selecting “Switch to fullscreen”.

Personal WordPress Accounts

While the FAU wordpress accounts are for FAU Academic Use only, you can get a free wordpress account here:

You are limited to the types of themes but once things get going, you can pay to get more/better services.

Free Features:
Paid Features: